Basic care new – refugee care: daily rate increased to 25 euros


The government has adopted the long-planned increase in the cost of hosting refugees. The daily rate will increase from 21 to 25 euros and more money is also being spent on privately housed people. In addition, the federal government is committed to fully financing the arrival centers for displaced persons from Ukraine. A fixed rate of 190 euros per refugee is made available here.

The basic service itself will be further split in the ratio of 60 percent federal, 40 percent federal states, with the federal government taking over the entire cost after one year. For those staying privately, ie not using a state facility, there will be an extra 15 euros for accommodation and 45 euros extra for food. The amount in this area therefore increases from 365 to 425 euros.

Karner: Legal certainty for everyone
As Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) emphasized on Wednesday after the Council of Ministers, the decision provides legal certainty for all concerned. The federal states could use this to make the corresponding payments. The additional amount applies retroactively to March 1.

Separate aid and asylum from illegal migration
Karner emphasized the importance of a well-functioning basic facility. Of course, support for IDPs and asylum for those who need it must be strictly separated from illegal migration. There it had to be stated that the smuggling mafia was “very intensively” active.

Basic supply costs are likely to rise sharply this year
Currently, about 85,000 people receive basic services, most of whom are internally displaced persons from Ukraine. Last year the costs were 227 million euros, for this year an increase is expected to about 450 million euros.

Source: Krone


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