In hiding? – U-Committee: Kickl confidante cannot be found


The commission of inquiry into the ‘red-blue abuse of power’ will come to a definitive end on Thursday, although it will probably have to do without information. The agency’s boss and former business partner Herbert Kickls, Thomas Sila, should have been brought before the police. But as has now turned out, the police in Carinthia would not have found Sila.

In any case, the University Committee still has to confirm her absence. Before the MPs meet, the faction leaders will probably have to have their say, otherwise the last day of the committee will be short.

Former business partner Kickls
It was already questionable in advance whether the former business partner of FPÖ chairman Kickl would actually come, as his health did not allow this.

According to information from the APA, the responsible Carinthian police have not yet found Sila. Theoretically, he could still appear voluntarily.

ÖVP sees Sila as ‘mini-Benko’
Sila once founded the advertising agency Hundeschmiede together with Kickl and now runs the successor company Signs. The ÖVP suspects that Kickl has benefited enormously financially from his participation and even sees the FPÖ leader as a kind of ‘mini-Benko’.

Party leader Andreas Hanger therefore requested that Silas be summoned before him, even though the judge had advised against this due to his state of health.

Source: Krone


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