Now it’s solved! – The elections for the National Council will take place on September 29


Now it is certain: Austria will elect a new government on September 29. The turquoise-green coalition set the date on Tuesday.

Still impressed by the outcome of the EU elections, which saw the Freedom Party achieve a historic result of 25.36 percent last Sunday, the date for the National Council elections has now been set.

“Everyone wants a duel with Herbert Kickl”
The FPÖ had already shown itself combative on Tuesday. “Everyone wants a duel with Herbert Kickl,” FPÖ Secretary General Michael Schnedlitz said at a press conference in Vienna. But it must be a duel ‘from start to finish’, which also means that the winner of the duel is accepted. “Whoever comes first will appoint the chancellor,” Schnedlitz emphasized. According to current surveys, the Freedom Party is in the lead.

“Honesty” is also necessary when it comes to the chairman of the National Council, demanded Christian Hafenecker, secretary general of the FPÖ. There are already “adventurous rumors” circulating that a liberal chairman of the National Council should be prevented if the FPÖ wins in the fall, Hafenecker said. But here too you have to speak “plainly”.

Kogler becomes the green top candidate
The other parties have also shown that they are faithful to the motto: “After the elections is before the elections.” The Greens will meet for the second time this year at a federal congress next Saturday (June 22) to present their positions. lists for the vote to be determined in September. Vice Chancellor and federal spokesperson Werner Kogler will be chosen as the top candidate.

“Chancellor will be called Karl Nehammer”
The course has already been set within the People’s Party and the goal has been clearly formulated. “First place is not only within reach, we are not that far away,” Secretary General Christian Stocker said on Monday. He sees good conditions for the National Council elections. “We have proven that we can fight and we will fight.” And furthermore: “We assume that the Chancellor will be called Karl Nehammer again in the autumn,” Stocker said.

Source: Krone


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