Are there consequences? – New chat affair: photo montage of the mayor


Are there consequences?  – New chat affair: photo montage of the mayor

With internal SPÖ chats, the political level in Klagenfurt has reached a new low – will there even be consequences this time?

The case involving Thomas Schmid and ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has already proven that derailments in (so-called) internal chat groups are not uncommon. Now it is the Klagenfurt SPÖ whose digital conversations fall to the ground.

High-ranking representatives and officials – including Deputy Mayor Philipp Liesnig – came across as particularly childish and low-level in a very exclusive WhatsApp group; circulated a photo montage showing Mayor Christian Scheider’s head on a half-naked body, sitting on a wrecking ball in front of the town hall – an insider brought the conversations to light.

The result is a cry of outrage and renewed calls for his resignation – Liesnig should finally take off his hat. “It really poisons the climate of the city,” says Scheider. However, it is still unlikely that Liesnig will voluntarily resign from his position.

Will SPÖ lose its finance department?
The possible consequences are already being worked on behind closed doors – if “SPÖ boss Peter Kaiser does not pull the emergency brake himself”, they want to take the financial department away from the Reds. This would be possible through a majority decision in the city’s senate.

According to reports, the Freedom Party is likely to tip the balance, but they don’t want anyone to look at their cards yet. The question arises: who will then take over the ailing finances of the state capital?

Source: Krone


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