SPÖ boss criticizes: – “Usually no redemption, but redemption”


The Turquoise-Green coalition wants to relieve the Austrians with a multi-billion dollar anti-inflation package, but criticism of the government’s measures has not stopped for days. SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner emphasized once again on Friday evening that the roadmap of the ÖVP and the Greens was not very accurate and: “Two thirds of this package is actually no relief, but a refund of taxes already paid.”

Specifically, according to the SPÖ leader, the climate bonus and the abolition of cold progression is not a relief, but a refund of taxes that people have already paid, namely through a higher income tax and CO2 pricing from the autumn. So just 30 percent of the pack is a breath of fresh air. The distribution is also “not socially fair”, as top and higher earners would receive more than, say, minimum pensioners. Rendi-Wagner also criticizes the timing, saying that autumn is already “pretty late”.

“VAT cut could curb inflation”
She reiterates her call for the interim abolition or reduction of VAT on food, energy and other essential areas: “VAT on food and housing in particular puts a greater burden on people who earn little. A reduction is fast, relieves pressure quickly and has a price dampening effect.” There is certainly potential here to reduce inflation by 1.5 to 2 percent, according to the party leader, citing France as an example.

Rendi-Wagner for tightening the law
Asked about the situation in Germany, where companies have not passed on the tax cuts to customers, Rendi-Wagner says the German economy minister is now doing the right thing. The latter had announced that companies would now be obliged to do so by tightening antitrust laws. This is also possible in Austria, according to Rendi-Wagner: “The price law provides for this, but must also be implemented by the Minister of Economic Affairs.”

Also, companies such as energy companies are often unable to transfer their profits to the state because of the demands of the brokerage firms, which is why these laws are needed: “These billions in excess profits must finally be skimmed off, they are made on the backs of the people.”

Source: Krone


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