Talk to Katia Wagner: – Are we relieved by turquoise-green now?


Countermeasures were urgently needed given the continuously rising inflation. Now the turquoise-green government has announced the anti-inflation package. But can that really get us through the rough time and relieve us in the long run? Katia Wagner will discuss this with her guests on on Wednesday from 20:15!

The effective short-term measures presented and approved by the Council of Ministers last week aim to relieve the population of more than €6 billion in 2022 alone, and up to €28 billion in total by 2026! These are huge sums – but given the constantly rising prices, are they sufficient and reaching those who really need them?

Mixed feelings – only FPÖ wants to resign
The package evokes mixed feelings. The opposition received praise for individual measures and blame for others. The NEOS speak of a “watering can principle”, the SPÖ would have liked to see a price ceiling on basic foodstuffs. Only the FPÖ criticized the plan of the government as a whole and called for their resignation.

Chancellor wants to ‘guide people through the crisis’
Key points of the package are a number of one-off payments as an immediate measure: 180 euros as a lump-sum child benefit, 300 euros available for the unemployed and minimum pensioners and 500 euros through the climate bonus. The benefits will be adjusted to inflation from 2023 and the so-called cold progression will be abolished. With these measures, Chancellor Karl Nehammer wants to “guide people through the crisis”, Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler sees a “turning point”.

Will the package relieve us?
Can turquoise-green really “accompany” us through the hard times? Or does it take more effort? Katia Wagner discusses this with ÖVP club president August Wöginger on Wednesday at 8:15 pm on Join the conversation and vote!

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