Out for mandatory vaccination: – FPÖ satisfied, SPÖ speaks of government failure


The end of mandatory vaccination separates the opposition. For SPÖ health spokesman Phillip Kucher, the abolition of mandatory vaccination is the “temporary pinnacle of government failure”. The decision was not surprisingly well received by the FPÖ, which has been pushing for an end to mandatory vaccination for months. For NEOS, the commitment was “confused” from the start.

FPÖ club president Herbert Kickl will soon need an appointment with the health committee so that the law can be abolished before the summer holidays. However, the Covid-19 Measures Act must also fall under the Vaccination Act, because this makes “vaccination obligation through the back door” possible.

Kickl warns: minister can reactivate measures at any time
“The health minister can at any time use ordinances to implement measures such as 2G access rules, lockdowns for unvaccinated and thus exclusion of unvaccinated from public life,” Kickl said in a broadcast.

Government Zigzag Course
The chairman of the Upper Austrian party, Manfred Haimbuchner, described the decision as a “success for freedom” and “a step out of the social divide to a new togetherness”. However, the government’s previous “zigzag course” has caused a lot of chaos.

SPÖ warns: Experts expect 30,000 new infections in July
SPÖ health spokesman Phillip Kucher sees it differently. The abolition of compulsory vaccination is the “temporary pinnacle of government failure”. He asks the government to justify the experts on the basis of which the decision was made. While experts already expect 30,000 new infections a day in July, the government is trying to divert its “inappropriate inflation package” by lifting the vaccination requirement, Kucher says.

NEOS: “Chaotic crisis management by the ÖVP and the Greens”
“Announcing the end of mandatory vaccination in the middle of the summer wave fits in with the utterly chaotic crisis management of the ÖVP and the Greens,” said NEOS deputy club president Nikolaus Scherak. The government has “ruined” compulsory vaccination from the outset, thereby violating people’s trust. In addition, Scherak still does not see a plan for the autumn.

Greens: “Changed Requirements”
Green Constitution spokeswoman Agnes Sirkka Prammer and health spokesman Ralph Schallmeiner justify the end of mandatory vaccination with modified requirements and support the decision. Both insist on the usefulness of the vaccination, in the summer more people should now be convinced of the vaccination with low-threshold campaigns. “But for this to happen, everyone must finally come together – federal, state and local governments. Appropriate funds have been distributed to the municipalities, making it all the more important to act here now,” Prammer and Schallmeiner said in a statement. choir.

For the Vorarlberg Health Minister Martina Rüscher (ÖVP), the abolition of compulsory vaccination is an “understandable step”. As late as March, Rüscher described the suspension as a “wrong signal”. Due to the significantly milder course of the disease, this is no longer necessary today.

Source: Krone


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