“Joint action” – NATO summit in Madrid: Nehammer meets Erdogan


At a summit Wednesday in Madrid, NATO heads of state and government will discuss further steps against Russian aggression in Europe. In the afternoon, Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) will also attend a discussion with top representatives from the partner countries. Good cooperation between the EU and the Western defense alliance is important, Nehammer emphasized beforehand. He will also meet Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Madrid.

“Cooperation between NATO and the EU is an important part of the European Union’s defense and security policy,” Nehammer said during his visit to the summit in the Spanish capital. “The Russian war of aggression in Ukraine in particular shows that essential security problems can only be solved as a community. In times like these, we need to work together all the more. The meeting is an important step in further expanding our joint approach.”

According to his office, during the NATO summit, the chancellor will also participate in the “Euro-Atlantic dinner” to which Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez invites key participants of the summit to the Prado Museum in Madrid. The theme of the working dinner is “Cooperation between NATO and the EU in the face of current challenges”.

Regarding the war in Ukraine, Nehammer said of his meeting with Erdogan: “We must not stop doing everything in our power for the chance for peace. It is therefore important that the Istanbul process continues.” In Istanbul, talks are taking place between Russia and Ukraine, Turkey has good relations with both Russia and Ukraine and is trying to mediate.

Turkey is also an important partner when it comes to creating “green corridors” for grain exports from Ukraine, Nehammer emphasized. The chancellor demanded that efforts for such corridors from Ukraine should be stepped up to ensure global food security.

Peak meeting is the end of an ice age
The summit with Erdogan is seen as the end of a long political ice age between Vienna and Ankara. The last chancellor to receive Erdogan properly in Vienna was Werner Faymann 13 years ago. Beginning in 2014, the Turkish president faced sharp criticism from Sebastian Kurz, first as foreign minister and later as chancellor and head of the ÖVP. Mainly because of the dismantling of democracy under Erdogan and because of his attempts to blackmail the EU with migrants.

As Minister of the Interior, Nehammer also took part in this criticism. As chancellor, he made a U-turn after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, paying tribute to the Turkish president’s efforts to mediate. Most recently, National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP) met Erdogan in Ankara.

Source: Krone


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