“With you Navarra, Zurekin Nafarroa”, name of the confluence of Podemos, IU, Batzarre and independents


During the presentation of the new brand, they emphasized that they come together to defend the equality of all citizens, so that everyone has the same rights. Their aim, they have stated, is ‘to defend the living conditions of the people’.

“With You Navarra / Zurekin Nafarroa” is the name of the new brand confluence with which they will present themselves at the next elections in Navarra Podemos-Ahal Dugu, United Left (IUN-NEB), Batzarre and independentsaccording to an agreement signed this Saturday in a public act for the militancy of the four groups.

The name of the brand has been revealed in a very visual way by representatives of the four forces, who have torn off the white veil that covered the logo and the name they will compete with in the next municipal and regional elections.

According to the preliminary agreement made public two weeks ago and ratified today, Candidates have not yet been appointed, but the order of representation isputting Podemos at the top of the list for Parliament and Batzarre for Pamplona City Council, while IUN-NEB will pick position number two on both lists.

Begona Alfarothe coordinator of Podemos in Navarre, has said that they present “a political project for Navarre, conceived in Navarre, managed in Navarre and whose sphere of decision is limited to Navarre”.

Presentation ceremony today. Photo: EFE

“Because we are convinced of the power of our self-government,” he defended when presenting the coalition’s roadmap, which should attract in the coming months “all people and all parties who fight for equality, who fight for sustainable development, for so many goals defended daily by social groups in our streets”.

In the 2019 election nomination, these left-wing formations presented themselves separately and lost representation.

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Source: EITB


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