Due to false information – the SPÖ demonstration becomes a political farce


There is currently a fuss about the SPÖ demonstration in the government district of St. Pölten. An SPÖ politician was invited to the party event in the run-up to the protest, but did not name the party as the organizer of the event, but the tenants’ association affiliated with the party. The skewed appearance of the organization is now a source of much criticism.

“Stop inflation!” shouted the SPÖ on Thursday in front of the country house in St. Pölten. SPÖ vice president Franz Schnabl did not skimp on criticism of the federal government. The protest march is now also criticized.

fuss about organization
An SPÖ politician promoted the protest in a Facebook group, but named the tenants’ association as the organizer. “This deceptive maneuver was an attempt to seduce unsuspecting citizens into a party politically motivated demonstration,” criticized ÖVP Federal Councilor Florian Krumböck.

“It was clearly inaccurately worded,” the SPÖ objected succinctly. The tenants’ association “only” supported the campaign. Incidentally, the St. Pölten branch of the tenants’ association is rented in the headquarters of the SPÖ state party.

Source: Krone


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