Rosencrantz resigns – Hofburg emergency solution: Kickl is under pressure


Instead of a dazzling surprise candidate, it has become more of a stopgap solution: the FPÖ sends Ombudsman Walter Rosenkranz in the race for the presidency. His name was not mentioned at all in the speculation beforehand. The decision should put party leader Herbert Kickl under pressure.

The election caused terrible torment to the FPÖ: it was the only party that campaigned “out of democratic duty” to harass incumbent Alexander Van der Bellen. The search for a suitable counterpart ended in the undergrowth. Neither the lawyer and “Krone” columnist Tassilo Wallentin, nor the FPÖ lawyer Susanne Fürst, who stood out in the U-committee, nor the latter Petra Steger (daughter of ex-Vice Chancellor Norbert Steger) came forward. Not a sensational candidate either.

But the nearly 60-year-old Walter Rosenkranz. Ombudsman, lawyer from Krems. Former president of the FPÖ club. Rather not the type of people’s tribune. But without scandal and he is considered impeccable. Boss Herbert Kickl, who has long allowed the public to speculate about dazzling things, is now likely to come under pressure within the party.

Gerald Grosz (Ex-BZÖ) is expected to achieve a double-digit result. He is fishing in the blue pond. The MFG candidate was also able to land quite a bit. Not the best conditions for a repeat of 2016. Then Hofer narrowly lost to Van der Bellen.

Source: Krone


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