The Spanish government will approve the preliminary draft of the law on official secrets this month


Pedro Sánchez made this known during his reply to the PNV spokesperson Aitor Esteban. “The commitment is to approve the preliminary draft in July,” the Spanish government president stressed.

Euskaraz irakurri: Espainiako Gobernuak Sekretu Ofizialen Lege aurreproiektua hilabete honetan onartuko du

Before the end of this July, the Spanish government will approve the preliminary draft of the new law on official secrets, which will replace the 1968 law announced by the president. Pedro Sanchezduring the debate on the state of the nation in Congress.

This announcement was made by Sánchez during his reply to the parliamentary spokesman for the PNV, Aitor Estebanafter the latter reminded him of the Spanish government’s commitment to renew its reservations law, a request that the jeltzale formation has defended for years.

The president of the executive branch announced the new regulations on May 26, when he also announced his plan to enact the Judicial Control Act. National Intelligence Center (CNI) after the crisis due to the case of political espionage through the system Pegasus Catalan independence leaders.

“The commitment is to approve the draft in July,” Sánchez emphasized after noting that the text is in the final stages of preparation.

United We can ask for “loyalty” to the PSOE

According to Sánchez, the aim of the new law is to adapt the declassification of confidential documents to the legal system and to adapt it to international standards.

“It will standardize us with the most advanced democracies, in line with the requirements of EU and NATO regulations and with the international treaties signed by our country,” the president stressed.

The chairman of the United We Can in Congress faction, James Asenshas asked the PSOE for “loyalty” to jointly work out the reform of the Secrets Act, because that goal cannot be achieved “in secret with one of the coalition partners”.

The leader of En Comú Podem has welcomed the “progressive spin on the script” that Sánchez has undertaken and that the country has a “democratic anomaly” by reformulating the state secrets regulations established during the dictatorship (1968).

That yes, Asens has demanded that they be a coalition executive and that this legislative project cannot be made of the “confidentiality” with the minority partner. “We ask for loyalty and to be able to work together,” he underlined.

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