“Authoritarian regime” – Hong Kong activist “Grandma Wong” convicted


Hong Kong democracy activist Alexandra Wong, known as “Grandmother Wong”, has been sentenced to eight months in prison for attending illegal rallies. The 66-year-old has been sentenced to two short prison terms in recent years. She describes the government as an “authoritarian regime”.

Prosecutors accused “Grandma Wong” of attending two unauthorized gatherings in August 2019 and shouting “offensive words”.

The chief justice justified the jail term with the “disruption of the social order” caused by the protests. In court, Wong criticized the Hong Kong government as an “authoritarian regime”.

Wong echoed an earlier statement that she had been interrogated, arrested and coerced into confessions by security officials in mainland China for nearly 14 months.

The 66-year-old had regularly taken part in protests by the Democratic movement three years ago (see video above), usually waving the British flag.

Source: Krone


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