“It is clear that a large majority supports Feijóo, as he is a benchmark in our party”


“It is time to look to the future. Our project is strong and it is clear that we are the only alternative to Pedro Sánchez’s government,” he emphasized.

The general secretary of the Basque PP, Laura Garrido, was interviewed this Wednesday in the Euskadi Irratia program ‘Faktoria’, where she spoke about the crisis plaguing the PP in Spain and the possible candidacy of Alberto Nunez Feijoo to chair the People’s Party after the departure of Pablo Casado.

Despite not wanting to get “wet” anywhere, Garrido pointed out that a large majority supports to Feijóo, “because he is a benchmark in our party”. “Still, it remains to be seen what will happen. With 100 signatures, anyone who wants to can sign up, so we’ll have to wait and see what the rest of the member companies will do,” he said.

As for the statements made by the President of Madrid yesterday, Isabel Diaz Ayuso – who said that in order to close the wounds properly, people who have promoted initiatives against him should be expelled from the party – has limited himself to saying that since yesterday the most important thing is that a stage is closed and a new one has opened. “It’s time to Look at the future Our project is strong, and clearly we are the only alternative to the government of Pedro Sánchez,” he emphasized.

Nor did he want to talk about the “mistakes” Casado made that led him to leave his position: “You have to give up the crisis is over and restore the illusion”.

However, he has admitted that the crisis that has arisen in the party will affect the CAV. “For the time being, the congress we had planned for the spring is canceled. We will set the new date at the general congress,” he continued.

By completely changing the subject, Ayuso was very critical of the Law of Education “The report of the Basque government shows that the situation is deteriorating. We have the worst data of the last 10 years in education. Faced with this situation, the Basque government should explain and do self-criticism We are concerned because they are putting the education system under the nationalist interests Our proposal is completely at odds with that idea, which is that we are committed to the quality of education, to the right to study in spanish and for coordinated education,” he underlined.

Source: EITB


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