Rementeria talks about Sollube tunnel again and announces 40 million for the Guggenheim in Urdaibai


In addition, the general deputy of Bizkaia has announced that an investment of 65 million euros is required for the Sollube tunnel. He also stressed the approval of an agreement to connect the metro to Galdakao, the hospital and the Euskotren lines of Durangaldea and Busturialdea.

The Provincial Council of Bizkaia allocates 40 million euros as its first investment to create a museum Guggenheim in the Urdaibai region and sign a protocol with the Spanish governmentwhich will contribute European funds to the project, as announced on Tuesday by the deputy general, Unai Rementeria.

Rementeria has also argued that the sol lubricant tunnelTo enable a “quick and comfortable” connection to the Urdaibai region, an investment of 65 million euros is needed.

He also emphasized that the Provincial Council on Tuesday approved the financing agreement for the metro connection with Galdakao, the hospital in this municipality and the Euskotren lines of Durangaldea and Busturialdea.

The Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia finance 50% of the 360 ​​​​million in which this project is budgeted for the line 5 from the Bilbao metro.

Rementeria, together with the lehendakari, has Inigo Urkulluthe traditional reception offered by the Provincial Council of Biscay on the occasion of the feast of Saint Ignatius – July 31 – and which was attended today in the Palacio Foral de Bilbao by about 500 people from the institutional, economic, cultural, social or Biscay sports.

400 million euros in “leftovers”

Speaking of the projects planned by the Provincial Council with the 400 million euros in “leftovers” available, Rementeria put forward that one of the strategic investments is the “first 40 million” that the regional government at the Guggenheim Urdaibai will assign.

The deputy general of Bizkaia stressed that the Spanish government “is also committed” to this project through European funds and that this commitment will be reflected in a protocol to be signed with the vice president Theresa Rivera.

Addressing the representatives of Biscay society, Rementeria stressed that economic activity and employment remain the “priority” of the provincial government and stated that, despite the current crisis, “the economic situation in Biscay is good”.

“Despite everything, Bizkaia remains a serious, stable and solvent area,” added Rementeria, pointing out that one should however be “careful and careful”.

The deputy general pointed out that many people are currently suffering from the effects of inflation and assured that the Basque institutions, “led by the Lehendakari”, “analyze solutions to help these people with the rising cost of living, with the family economy.

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Source: EITB


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