Jeep Gladiator: Companion for Work and Leisure


Iconic Jeep DNA and styling deliver benchmark 4×4 capabilities, 264 hp power, 600 Nm peak torque, up to 750 kg payload and over 2,700 kg towing capacity

In more than eighty years of history, Jeep has pioneered new segments and new technologies, with the first mass production of 4×4 vehicles and the introduction of the first SUV in 1949. The first Jeep Pickup dates back to 1947, and today represents the Jeep Gladiator an evolution of the original concept: a vehicle designed for work that today combines its professional side with a lifestyle, becoming the perfect companion for extraordinary activities and adventures.

The Jeep Gladiator is a versatile vehicle that shares the DNA of the Jeep Wrangler in terms of unparalleled off-road capability and open-air driving freedom. Its distinctive stylistic features that represent the Jeep philosophy make it a unique tool for experiencing the great outdoors to the fullest. At the same time, it is a model specially designed and developed to be a 100% pick-up and that allows you to “go anywhere and do everything” thanks to advanced technological content, a powerful and efficient engine, usability and flexibility in freight transport. .

Literally capable of going anywhere, the Gladiator is attractive, spacious and offers unparalleled performance. The maximum payload is even 750 kg and the towing capacity reaches 2,721 kg. The luggage compartment, lined with anti-slip material and equipped with an LED lighting system, a 230V waterproof external socket and sturdy integrated bumpers, offers a volume of 1,005 liters: it is more than one and a half meters long with the hatch closed. is greater than 2 meters with the hatch open, and its width is 1.44 meters. This data underscores how the Gladiator is able to cater to every need.

Thanks to the body-on-frame and five-point suspension, Gladiator guarantees benchmark 4×4 capabilities, while ensuring comfort on the road and high passenger safety. In particular, the most advanced materials and technical techniques have been used to make the design of the stringers very light and at the same time stiff and resistant. The high-strength steel frame is 78.7 cm longer than a 4-door Jeep Wrangler, while the wheelbase is 49.2 cm longer. The latter feature, combined with the positioning of the body in a rearward position relative to the centerline of the rear axle, provides better weight distribution and smoother handling when carrying loads.

Added to this is the unmistakable Jeep design, characterized by sculpted lines and traditional styling elements that have made the brand a global icon, in addition to the functional elements that have always characterized the Wrangler: from the round headlights to the seven-slot grille, with slightly wider slots and gently sloping grille, from the trapezoidal wheel arches to the exposed hinges.

Also the numerous possible solutions to experience the adventure in the open air, such as the folding windscreen or the different roof combinations that offer the customer endless configuration options: 3-panel hardtop, soft top and no top. The affinity with the Wrangler doesn’t stop with the aesthetics: the Gladiator also shares its DNA in terms of unparalleled off-road capability, thanks to the Selec-Trac drive system, the third-generation Dana 44 axles and off-road-specific equipment. That is why it perfectly embodies the double soul of the Jeep brand: the most adventurous, thanks to technology tested for 81 years on the most inaccessible routes, and the most refined, which, through interior and exterior care with a strong personality, are SUVs in enables it to stand out even in the most exclusive and recognized contexts.

Finally, LED headlights, taillights and fog lamps are standard, providing an extremely bright white light that makes the Gladiator look unmistakable. Of course, the most advanced technology in infotainment and safety is not missing: an Alpine audio system with subwoofer, portable wireless speaker, rechargeable for on the go and completely waterproof, the best connectivity with the Uconnect system with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and 8, 4″ touchscreen, and features such as Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Object Detection, Forward Collision Alert Plus, Adaptive Cruise Control and the ParkView Rear View Camera with Dynamic Grid.

Source: La Verdad


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