The Basque government criticizes the Ministry of Education for launching the proposal for the EBAU without prior debate


The adviser Jokin Bildarratz believes that the Ministry of Education should have previously submitted its proposal for the university entrance examination to the Education Committee to conduct a joint reflection and include the contributions of the Autonomous Communities.

The Minister of Education of the Basque Government, Jokin Bildarratzhas expressed concern about the ministry’s “precipitation” when presenting its University entrance exam proposal to the autonomous communities.

At the education sector conference held this Wednesday at noon, Bildarratz deplored “the ways” in which the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has convened this meeting and how did you send your proposal? for the EBAU.

The Basque government has said in a statement that during his speech at the sectoral conference, the counsel expressed concern about “the haste” with which the state administration intends to tackle an issue “of such important importance”. without prior passage by the Education Committee “for a necessary reflection, diagnosis and sharing”.

Jokin Bildarratz recalled that at the moment all teaching staff are “out of the centers after an intensive year in the classroom”, stressing that Euskadi has “invested many months in preparing the curriculum, which will come into effect this next year .” academic year 2022-2023″.

For this reason, he does not understand “the speed” of the ministry when it comes to presenting his proposal, as he believes it could wait until September. also missed “a bilateral and earlier contact” with the Ministry of Education of the Basque Government, before being presented at the sectoral conference.

Faced with this situation, Bildarratz has preferred to be “concise” in his reviews and not to position himself on the content, as it is “a matter of such great importance and which needs time, dialogue and serenity” .

However, he has his “concern” for respect for the competence of the Basque Country in the field of education “or for the homogenizing will that can be felt in the first proposal of the Ministry”.

The Basque Ministry of Education also believes that “by definition, any evaluation must respect the idiosyncrasy of the context to be evaluated and of the place where it is carried out”.

Likewise, he sees “with good eyesight” the transition to a competency-based evaluation model that is proposed, just as the Basque education system already bets on the curriculum proposals, but he believes that “This is not the time or the procedure”.

Jokin Bildarratz recalled that the new baccalaureate curriculum will be introduced in September and that, before any changes are made, “it is necessary to give the centers time to adapt their curriculum projects”.

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Source: EITB


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