Quarantine obligation will expire – Telephone sick leave only for corona patients


The revived absenteeism by telephone only applies to corona patients and not to other illnesses. The Ministry of Health confirmed a corresponding message from ORF radio on Sunday. Meanwhile, the medical association called for the possibility of recording sick leave of people infected with corona.

In the earlier variant during the pandemic, absenteeism was also possible for all other illnesses by telephone. Now you have to go to the doctor again for sick leave – unless you feel sick and (presumably) have Corona.

Everyone who has Corona now needs sick leave
According to the Ministry of Health, it should be noted that with the end of the quarantine and the abolition of the isolation measures, you will have to take active sick leave from Monday if you have Covid-19. If you tested positive for the coronavirus so far, you would have received a special notification that automatically sent you on sick leave. Now you have to get active yourself and go to the doctor or pick up the phone to take sick leave.

Meanwhile, the medical association would like to have the option to write off sick leave for infected people without symptoms. “We are demanding sick leave under the diagnosis of Covid, which is currently not possible. Then you can send both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients on sick leave,” said chamber chairman Johannes Steinhart in the “Kurier”.

For example, Steinhart is thinking of vulnerable groups: “Patients who are at risk should not return to work quickly, but should be treated as soon as possible. In addition, we do not want asymptomatic people to feel compelled to return to work prematurely as a result of this quarantine elevator.”

At the request of the APA, the Department of Health said sick leave would only be given if you were unable to work.

Source: Krone


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