Causa Kellermayr – Maurer: “Police should take these matters seriously”


Causa Kellermayr – Maurer: “Police should take these matters seriously”

There was clear criticism on Wednesday evening of the Upper Austrian authorities of green club boss Sigrid Maurer in the Lisa Kellermayr case. The doctor committed suicide after being terrorized over the internet for months by vaccine opponents and Covid deniers. “But we have the impression here that the police in Upper Austria were not willing or able to prosecute this crime,” Maurer said. Maurer will not accept criticism of the package of laws against online hate that was passed in 2020.

The legislative package is a “milestone”, the club boss of the Greens emphasized several times in “ZiB 2”. Dr. Kellermayr’s death also shook her up, saying that “a dedicated doctor” was terrorized and persecuted by a “right-wing mob,” Maurer says: “It is shocking to me that Ms. Kellermayr was given the impression that she had little or no would receive support.”

“Police should take this seriously”
This particular case involves “dangerous threats,” a criminal offense that has been in the law for decades and will be prosecuted by authorities: “It’s about the people behind such threats. They must be well examined. But this requires more competence and willingness from the police.”

It’s crucial that the police take things like Lisa Kellermayr’s seriously: “I have to make sure that every person who shows up at a police station and asks for support and help because of online hate is taken seriously and gets help too,” emphasized Mason. . .

Are anti-corporate laws too lax?
The green politician, himself a victim of online hate, does not want to accept that the laws are still too lax and that internet companies could easily get around them. A real name requirement in the Kellermayr case, for example, wouldn’t have helped either. However, they will continue to work on making companies like Twitter, Facebook and Co. accountable: “We will not leave it here.”

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