Wedding at a winery – Doskozil marries his Julia on Friday


After Corona-related postponement, the wedding bells are finally ringing for the governor of Burgenland. The wedding will take place at a winery on Friday.

Governor Hans Peter Doskozil and his German partner Julia Jurtschak have been a couple for five years. The wedding bells will ring this Friday. Due to the corona pandemic, the date had to be postponed several times.

At a winery in Burgenland, the time has finally come. The wedding takes place in the closest family circle. Only ten members make up the trellis.

It’s the governor’s second marriage
Doskozil and Jurtschak met in May 2017 at an event in Cologne. After a long-distance relationship for two years, they moved to Oberwart in May 2019, where they have lived together ever since. Jurtschak previously worked as a manager in the event industry. Doskozil is divorced and has two adult children.

Source: Krone


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