New to the IDU Advisory Board – Kurz goes to the conservative “Hall of Fame”.


Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will join the International Democratic Union (IDU) advisory board, as the organization recently announced. This is a worldwide network of about 70 conservative and Christian Democrat parties.

The IDU was founded in 1983 by Helmut Kohl, the then Chancellor of Germany. Other founding members included British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, US President George Bush Sr. and Jacques Chirac, then Mayor of Paris.

The IDU sees itself as a forum that lays the foundation for contacts, discussions and networks of conservative and Christian parties around the world. It currently has about 70 parties, plus about 30 parties from a regional subgroup. The members meet regularly, exchange political ideas and support each other to discuss political arguments and then win elections.

According to the IDU, a country can only develop its full potential if it relies on liberal democracy, individual freedom, economic growth, personal initiative and free competition.

Global politics and geostrategy
It is currently chaired by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Sebastian Kurz will work in the Advisory Council, which deals with current geopolitical and strategic issues. Only recently it became known that Kurz had become an investor in the Graz start-up “Medaia”. He has developed an app that detects skin tumors. The former chancellor now has several holdings, but mainly outside Austria and in the US.

Source: Krone


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