Movistar team devotes a Jersea to Alejandro Valverde for his last return to Spain


The ‘Telefónica’ team is given to the goal and changes the characteristics horizontal stripes for the successes of the Murcia bikeer

The Movistar team will dedicate a new sweater to Alejandro Valverde from Murcia, the flagship of the ‘telephone’ team that, at the age of 42, will wear this new design in his last Vuelta a España that starts this Friday. With a record of seven stages and twelve stages, Valverde’s last ‘Bala’ starts in Utrecht, the city in the Netherlands that evokes good memories of a Valverde who already won a round from the Netherlands in 2009.

The renovated tights maintains the usual composition, but transforms its usual dark blue. Moreover, it will convert the horizontal stripes of the garment into a collection of the most import of the ‘bullet’. The most important cyclist of the Movistar team for almost two decades will look at the top of the back design.

In a video that the Movistar team shares through its social networks, the Murcian cyclist brings his fans “a big surprise” with the presentation of the new outfit he will wear in the 77th edition of La Vuelta.

Source: La Verdad


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