Benfica, first Intercontinental Sub-20 champion


Everything was perfect, except the result. Based on the agreement between Conmebol and UEFA, Peñarol assumed the organization of the First Edition of U-20 Intercontinental Final. The historic Centenario Stadium in Montevideo was overflowing, where the four grandstands were “painted” yellow and black, an amazing turnout for this category, 50,000 people, and the brilliant sun.

UEFA authorities, such as the General Secretary, the Greek Theodore Theodoridis, and the former soccer player and current president of the Croatian Federation and member of the Executive Committee, Davor Suker, crossed the Atlantic to reach Uruguay. Naturally, several members of Conmebol were present, in a delegation led by President Alejandro Domínguez.

But success is far away. benfica He retained the title, conquering lungo Semedo in the second half, when the locals and the intensity in the middle of the pitch slowed down, and the Portuguese threatened and scored a goal.


In the first part, penarol He sent a long pass, and had two chances at the feet of striker Máximo Alonso. The goalkeeper Soares, from benfica, began to exhibit the security qualities that accompanied him within 90 minutes. In the end, his performance was decisive.

In the plugin, benfica He grew, gained ground in the middle of the field, and began to trouble local goalkeeper Randall Rodriguez.

On 69 minutes came the opening. After a corner with the ball “combed” at the near post, the disruption of the entire bottom of Peñarol, opened the door for a single Luis Semedo to enter the far post to connect unmarked and almost on the line of the goal, the handle worth an Intercontinental Cup.

The locals, full of heart, spurred on by 50,000 fans in the stands, went in search of a tie, with more strength than order.

Peñarol had a few chances, with some interludes in the Portuguese area. But the failures of meaning and repeated actions of the goalkeeper, Soares, hindered the joy of Uruguay.

The most impressive action was a shot from Matías Ferreira, who drilled a shot from inside the area, dry, powerful, crossed, high, which was incredibly denied by Soares.

Benfica then won the First Under-20 Intercontinental Cup, paving the way for a repeat of the competition, and over the years became a fixture in the clashes between America and Europe, putting youngsters in the spotlight.

Source: La Verdad


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