Cristiano Ronaldo pokes fun at Carragher after his criticism


Cristiano Ronaldo He is not that easy to criticize. the striker took his particular ‘revenge’ towards Jamie Carragher The legend of the Reds and current football commentator, who a few days ago was very critical of the Portuguese and even said about him that “no other club wants him”.

The player still hasn’t determined whether or not he will continue on Man Utd, and this Monday he was on the bench against Liverpool on the third day of the Premier League. However, in the run-up to the match, he had time to star in a gesture that was completely overlooked Carragher which social networks resonated.

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Cristiano Ronaldo made a fool of Jamie Carragher when, throughout the broadcast, he refused to be congratulated live to the commotion of the former player.

CR7 came out on the field before the match and approached the area where the four journalists were pre-matching to congratulate them. So, he is very affectionate Keane and especially in Gary Nevillewith whom he exchanged a few seconds. Carragher He thought he would be the next to be congratulated and held out his hand with the microphone, but christian He ignored her, looking away. A gesture that speaks for itself.

“His career was extended because he was a good professional, but now he is 37 years old, he will be 38 this season, and he is not the same player. He is a good goalscorer, but he is not the same footballer as Dati. I could be wrong, but I don’t think any other club in Europe wants him,” Carragher said after the 4-0 draw against Brighton.

Source: La Verdad


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