Verstappen, for the final blow home


Verstappen, for the final blow home

If Ferrari had to choose a circuit to respond to Verstappen’s landslide victory and Red Bull’s one-two a few days ago in Belgium, Zandvoort (Netherlands) would not be their choice. There, more than 100,000 souls in orange shirts will give more wings to their local driver, a Max who wants to give the last blow to Ferrari.

No one forgets the orange color of the flares that last year announced the success of their idol in the beginning. They seemed to act as a hypnotic for Hamilton, who fell asleep in the first few meters before Max’s great start. The orange smoke was repeated at the end, an explosion of joy to celebrate the massive morale blow that Verstappen gave to Hamilton and Mercedes to win with a great strategy. That victory gave Max the lead back and with it he made it clear to Lewis that this battle was going to last until the final attack. So it is.

A year later, the 2021 F1 champion is back home in the perfect setting. This was from the loss to Ferrari in Hungary and Belgium. Their red opponents were KO’d on such disparate circuits, no speed on any tire and poor wear compared to Max and Red Bull. Ferrari boss Binotto admitted: “Now, quite simply, the Red Bull is a better car.”

Sainz believes that Belgium’s superiority is due to the layout and it will not be a trend until the course is finished. At Red Bull they got the nod, although it sounded more like a tactic than reality. The truth will be known in Zandvoort. You can pass a sentence. If Red Bull is also superior to such a unique track, twisty, remodeled so that last year it returned to the calendar with star curves like Tarzan, with a camber that exceeds 18 graphs of inclination, this could be the icing on the cake for the current champion. All this, before visiting the Ferrari temple of Monza next week, which Max can storm.

Max, leader who wants to break through again

Verstappen leads with a 93-point advantage over teammate Checo Pérez, 98 over Leclerc and a 113-point margin over Sainz. In the absence of 8 appointments, widening that margin would see him clinch the crown.

Carlos Sainz and his partner Charles Leclerc will try to surprise against all odds. Or at least minimize the damage. And it is with Ferrari they still wonder how Red Bull is so good at the last appointments. Not having answers is the worst of evils because it shows that you are far from finding a solution.

Alonso, to continue adding

In its part, Fernando Alonso will again be looking to continue adding points that will help Alpine extend its 20-point lead over McLaren to fourth place in the Constructors and move it closer to team-mate Ocon, who is just 13 points behind.

The French team will have Res Bull, Ferrari and some Mercedes looking to win at the front. The Asturian and Hamilton are not expected to meet again for the real race position after the debacle at Spa. Fernando has another fight. He has 9 career scoring streaks. He wants to continue this.

Source: La Verdad


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