Emiliano Sala’s pilot knew that the plane had many problems


David Ibbotsonthe pilot who took the lead Emiliano Sala In the Argentine soccer player’s fatal accident in 2019, he warned a friend that he had heard a “bang” on his previous flight and that the plane carrying the two of them was experiencing problems.

buttonwhich falls on English Channel beside living room when it leads to it from Nantes (France) until Cardiff (United Kingdom), sent audio, announced by the British chain BBCto a friend, who commented on the problems the aircraft suffered before the fatal accident.

“Normally I would wear my life jacket on the seat, but tomorrow I will wear it,” he said. buttonwho also stated that during his flight prior to the accident he heard a “bang” coming from the aircraft as it was flying over the English Channel.

“I was in the middle of the channel and ‘bang!’ I kept flying and then ‘boom’. And I thought, ‘What’s wrong? So I checked the parameters and everything was fine, so I kept flying, but it was a wake-up call,” he said. button in audio.

The pilot, who does not have a license to transport passengers on commercial flights, told his friend that the left brake did not work when landing at Nantes and that the aircraft “had to go to the hangar.”

Hall and Ibbotson they fall into English Channel in January 2019, when he moved from Nantes to Cardiff to become the most expensive signing in Cardiff City’s history, for close to 20 million euros. the body of living room it was salvaged from the plane’s fuselage several days later, but the pilot’s body was never found.

Source: La Verdad


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