Andoni Gago, in the footsteps of Kerman Lejarraga in Bilbao


Andoni Gagoseveral-time Spanish and European featherweight champion, will return to action on November 12. It is fictional Pavilion of La Casilla in Bilbaoscene of many of his greatest victories, as in the case of his national belt defenses against Marc Vidal either Sergio Romeroin both cases with stands that will explode.

The Otxarkoaga prideand all of Bilbao, will be locked up again in ensogado after his match in Liverpool against one of the local stars, Jazza Dickens. At 37 years old, Gago, who has faced great fighters like Lee Selby, Gavin MacDonnell, Karin Guerfi, Victor Terrazas among others, is ready to offer the unbridled pressure, courage and rain of leather that his followers are used to.

The return of champion of Otxarkoaga It will be a luxury endorsement for the stellar combat star Kerman Lejarraga. In this way, the public of Bilbao will be able to enjoy two of its boxing references in the same event and the box will contain the owners of one of about a dozen European and national belts. A true luxury.

Another of the matches confirmed for the November 12 event at La Casilla is el Saúl Luna against Rikar Urrutia IIa fight that in itself has raised many expectations in Basque boxing gossip.

Tickets are on sale now at this link.

Source: La Verdad


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