Increasing fluctuation – railway workers demand 500 euros more gross per month


At the start of the autumn wage round, the rail workers presented their demand on Friday: they want 500 euros gross per month more for the approximately 50,000 employees in the rail sector. The trade union vida is also demanding an increase in allowances to reflect advancing inflation and an increase of €250 per month in apprentices’ wages.

To substantiate the demand for wages, the social partner was offered a shopping cart with groceries and goods for daily needs, the prices of which have risen enormously. For example, flour and pasta rose in price this year by 127 and 79 percent respectively. Butter is up 76 percent and shampoo is now 36 percent more.

Increase employee turnover
Olivia Janisch, deputy chairman of trade union vida, points to increasing employee turnover at the railways. In addition to the record price increase, employees are also suffering from the staff shortage on the railways, it is said.

The workforce is under increasing pressure
“Due to the sometimes enormous pressure and demands in work, many employees often resign after many years of service in the railway sector – that would have been unimaginable a few years ago,” says Janisch. In addition, there is the workload due to the full trains because of the climate ticket and the expensive fuel.

Workers in the metalworking industry demanded a 10.6 percent increase in wages and salaries at the start of the autumn wage rounds on Monday.

Source: Krone


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