‘Caso Vilda’: Players feel betrayed by RFEF


What had to be resolved internally and privately came to light thanks to a leak to the RFEF media. This is how the players of the Spanish team understand it, hoping to solve the ‘Vilda is a case‘ in a friendly way and there is no need to bring up the matter, but they feel completely “betrayed” by the federative entity, as they have learned World of sports.

All this resulted in moments of the highest tension experienced within Women’s Choice. Yesterday it was revealed that a total of fifteen players, who also make up the hard core of the team, sent an email to the Spanish Football Federation asking “not to be called up until this situation is reversed” by the national team, in a text where they asserted that their “emotional state” and their “health” were “significantly affected”.

For some time now, the Spanish players have been asking for more demands on the dynamics of training and they are taking that into account Jorge Vilda It did not meet the expectations and ambitions of this team, which formed the best generation of footballers in history, but did not win any titles. The careful role in the European Championship, where he fell in the quarterfinals, was the straw that broke the camel’s back for some soccer players who, facing the next World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, want everything .

Even the most mediatic soccer player in the world, Megan Rapinoe, He spoke out in the fight and took the side of the Spanish soccer players.

Source: La Verdad


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