The Premier promotes an ‘All Star’ rivalry of the major European Leagues


The premier league is powering what is undoubtedly a series of great games. It’s about the pulse fixing between teams made up of the best players in each European League, in the style of ‘All Stars’ organized in the United States.

The proposal, announced by The Times, part of Todd Boehly, new co-owner of Chelsea, who knows the land for being American. Also from his initiative another proposal, who found many opposition between fans: stage a clash between a selection of players from the Premier teams of north of the country against a combination of teams of South.

The proposition of an ‘All Star’ at the level of the European Leagues will begin with selecting a team consisting of the best players of every domestic tournament, regardless of their nationality. And so, with the sets generated by footballers of each country’s teams (Spain, France, Italy, Germany and some others), put together a friendly tournament without a doubt big draw for fans because they are selections of undoubted potential and great appeal.

An important obstacle in the project is the search accommodation on an international calendar very strict and leaves almost no room for new initiatives like this, which are ongoing increase worldwide incomewhich in this case should benefit all teams from the Old Continent.

Source: La Verdad


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