The Spaniard ‘played’ eight games in seven days


Even though LaLiga Santander has only been played for seven days, that is true The Spaniard has ‘played’ almost eight games At this time. And this is the minutes are added in the matches played by the blue and white team, between the first half and the second, they reached a figure of 85, which is almost an ‘extra’ match.

According to account data @LaLiga_Databasethe team of Diego Martínez, in these first seven days, has accumulated 85 minutes of extra time. More than any other set in the category. In fact, the second in the relationship is the Gironawith 81 minutes, and closes the podium Getafewhich has already accumulated 80.

surprisingly, the relationship was closed by FC Barcelonawhich in the first seven days accumulates less than an hour of additional time, specifically 59 minutes. The real Madrid is the fifteenth, with 67, two places above Athleticseventeenth, included 65 added minutes.

This is full list of added hours played by each team in the first seven match days, according to @LaLiga_Database:

1. Spanish, 85 minutes

2. Girona, 81

3. Getafe, 80

4. Valencia, 79

5. Villarreal, 75

6. Majorca, 75

7. Vallecano Ray, 75

8. Almeria, 75

9. Betis, 74

10. Valladolid, 74

11. Royal Society, 73

12. Osasuna, 71

13. Seville, 71

14. Elche, 70

15. Real Madrid, 67

16. Athletic Club, 65

17. Atletico Madrid, 65

18. Celtic, 64

19. Cadiz, 60

20. FC Barcelona, ​​​​59

Source: La Verdad


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