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It came as a rebound in August, amid a multimillion-dollar exit from the Isaac in Newcastle and the arrival with all the hype and pageantry of Sadiq Umar and its delusional variables. alexander sorloth It seems that he was called to act as the lieutenant of the ‘killer’, committed to being the second actor at least in the early part of the campaign, but injuries and his good behavior led him to become the first sword and become the stiletto of team. It is true that the body language that conveys a certain laziness and some constants of his game whose desperation does not help him, such as not getting a head on his impressive height, but his work is unquestionable at the beginning of the course, as in the end From the past. He, companion Alex is alone, was the one who broke the stuck match in Moldova by dropping to the right to open a hole there. Numbers are required and Imanol He wanted to squeeze him in public with that message that he wasn’t hungry, but the Viking came back badly and with a new ‘flow’. Four goals and two assists adorn his last four games and his good chemistry hut -the ‘connection’, as the Kawasaki man calls it- provides a juicy return. Since he left the door of Anoeta in May, he has been waiting for a call from Real to return to Donostia. He has the patience to a Imanol in love with his football. In the territory where Sadiq, Cho Y Oyarzabal they were called famous peeps a sorlot willing to re-engage and on permanent revalidation, as he is on loan for another year and has no purchase option.

Source: La Verdad


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