De Paul breaks his silence after the riot in Miami, with a ‘red and white statement’


Many, many messes live in Atletico Madrid in this period of time. One of the latter, related to Rodrigo dePaul, Argentine international of the mattress box.

Let’s remember that the player starred in a controversial sound in the last break for the national teams. The footballer did not return to training with the Athletic, with permission from the club to deal with a very serious personal matter. The player’s father is suffering from a serious illness and the player asks for a few days to be with the family.

However, in Rodrigo he can be seen in the early hours of Thursday through Friday in the gala of Billboard Awards 2022 which is celebrated in Miami with his then partner, Tini Stoessel. Something unusual because from Argentina, where his family is, to USA there is about a 10 hour flight…

From the environment of the football player, an attempt to hide the matter by saying that the photos correspond to a day off for him, with Argentina in one’s own United Statess, where he played two games in the break. However, the dates did not add up because the awards ceremony already took place on days that he had permission from Athletic to be with his family.

An ugly thing that caused the fury of mattress fans on social networks. Simeon confirmed that the matter was “resolved behind closed doors.” And the fact is, after returning, the player has to spend three games on the bench without participating.


His first minutes were against witchesin Champions League, this very week. He was greeted by many whistles from the rojiblanco fans present in the Metropolitan. Not only because of what happened in the issue of Because of what happened during the break, the player, very active in social networks, did not give any statement. His last messages coincided with his presence in Argentina.

Now, the player has finally broken his silence. He did this in a message where he can be seen training with Athletic and to which he added a good number of red and white hearts. Quite a statement for a player who wants to redirect his situation to mattress fans.

Source: La Verdad


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