MotoGP: Australian Grand Prix, live | Follow all the races, live now


MotoGP: Australian Grand Prix, live |  Follow all the races, live now

17/23: Two thirds of the race has been passed, and for now this is it
Garcia Dolls leading the race, followed by
Guevara Y
Uncleafter what
Sasaki now waiting from 4th place, closing the group on the race leader.
Foggiameanwhile, is 9th, out of contention for the title.

15/23: Maintains advantage of 2 tenths
Guevara in
Sasaki on the finishing straight, something that confirms the good speed shown by the Spaniard in the last stage of the race. The Japanese follow it closely, as well
Garcia Dollswho is running 3rd although very close to the two riders in front.

14/23: Follow the dance of positions at the head of the race, which now leads to
Sasaki to occupy the 2nd position, surrounded by
Guevara Y
Garcia Dollsand with a
Uncle meditating on the 4th square. The Spaniard continues to work hard, getting closer to achieving the goal.

13/23: How well they managed to lead the race
Guevara Y
Garcia Dollsthat despite being close to the two
Sasaki like
Unclethey managed the slipstream admirably to continue opening the distance.

11/23: The race lead group regrouped, something taken advantage of
Ayumu Sasaki to move up to 2nd place, after overtaking
Sergio Garcia Dolls. keeping the lead
It’s Guevarawho once again surpassed his colleague.

10/23: They gradually increase their advantage
Guevara What
Garcia Dollsand it’s been more than half a second
Deniz Oncu. In its part,
John McPhee He was the first rider to drop to 1’36”, although he was 6 tenths off the record for
Jack Miller in 2014.

9/23: What relationship between
Uncle Y
Sasaki, which got Turk to take the 3rd position. In its part,
It’s Guevara He continued his fight and put himself in the lead, ahead of his teammate.

7/23: Lost some positions
It’s Guevara and now roll to 3rd, back
Sasaki The one who took advantage of this is
Garcia Dollswhich continues to lead away
+0.552. Meanwhile,
Dennis Foggia He was 15th, which puts him completely out of contention for the title.

6/23: Placed 2nd!
It’s Guevara! That’s great
GasGas Aspar Team surpassed
Diogo Moreira and he is already behind his teammate. If it ends like this, Mallorca will be proclaimed world champions.

5/23: Looks like he wants to open up a lead
Sergio Garcia Dolls to his pursuers, though he remained very close
Moreira. They followed behind
Guevara Y
Sasakiwith the Mallorcan already on the podium.

fall from
Daniel Holgado Y
Taiyo Furusato! Both riders disembarked at the same point, although not touching each other, in what appeared to be a small water line that still remained on the track.
Phillip Island.

3/23: And fast lap for
joel kelsothat’s great
CIP Green Powerto tap the wheel of
Guevara to be the fastest. Very compact group in the race lead, when he’s leading now
Ayumu Sasaki.

2/23: Follow the great rhythm of
Moreirawho took the lead after starting in 5th place.
Garcia Dolls following close behind, while
Sasaki is 3rd and
Guevara He moved up one position, to 6th.

1/23: Lose some positions
Sasakiwhile leading
Sergio Garcia Dollsclosely followed by
Diogo Moreira. In its part,
It’s Guevara He was 7th, he kept the starting position even though he gained some places in the first corners.

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All pilots are ready for the start of the race to begin!
Australian GP! From ‘pol’ will leave
Ayumu Sasakiwho again became a ‘poleman’, joined in the front row by
Sergio Garcia Dolls and
Ivan Ortola.

Phillip Island the first title of the season can be decided in a few minutes, and that is
It’s Guevara will have the first chance to win the championship
Moto3. The pilot of
GasGas Aspar Team need to stay ahead
Dennis Foggia Y
Sergio Garcia Dolls, which are 49 and 56 points away, respectively. If he finishes the race and the difference increases to more than 50 points, the Mallorcan will win his first motorcycling title.

Peep the races
Australian Grand Prix It is celebrated in the circuit of
Phillip Island, located on the homonymous island of this country and continent at the same time. The layout has
4.4 kilometers in length and
12 curves (7 left and 5 right).

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Martín will start from pole ahead of Marc Márquez at Phillip Island

Third pole of the year for
George Martinafter
loss of sail Y
Marc Márquez knows how to squeeze the precious wheel of
bagnaiaafraid to be included in the first batch, to finish in 2nd position.

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Aldeguer leads a Spanish front row from the post

Murcian added
Phillip Island his second pole afterwards
Argentina ahead of the leader
Augusto Fernandez and his companion
Alonso Lopez; seven Spaniards qualified for the
Q2 They got Top-9.

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Izan Guevara will start 7th in his most important career

Second pole for
Ayumu Sasaki in front of
Garcia Dolls and
Ivan Ortola and with
Dennis Foggia12th, a combination of results that will give the Mallorcan the world title this Sunday.

WEEKLY SCHEDULES | Today’s race day starts at
Moto3 in
02:00 hoursfollowed by
Moto2 (03:20 am) and
MotoGP (05:00 am). All schedules of
WUP and today’s careers can be consulted at
World of sports.

Before I start talking about everything that happened over the weekend…

Remember that you will enjoy this Grand Prix of the 2022 season
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Sooooo good night!

Welcome and welcome to the broadcast where we continue
live everything happening now
Australian Grand Prixthe eighteenth of the season
MotoGP. From now on we move to the circuit of
Phillip Island to study how they formed the same
warm-up as later the races of three categories.
Let’s get started!

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