“Moments of difficulty will come and we must be prepared”


Carlo Ancelotti He appeared in Valdebebas before facing Sevilla tomorrow at the Bernabéu (9:00 pm). The Italian confirmed Courtoi’s return tomorrow and warned that difficult moments are ahead.

How about the team that will face Sevilla

“The team is okay. We have good dynamics, every game has a history, there are difficulties. Sevilla is trying to get out of a difficult time, they are doing well, they are showing commitment, attitude, it will cost us as always. There is no game worthless . Does not exist”.

More bets on other players like Valverde

“At the moment there is nothing, there is no other bet except Valverde. It seems strange to me that with that strike and quality he only scored one goal last year. He is very confident, it is normal that he scores a lot from outside the area. His strike is very powerful, almost like Asensio’s”

Kroos, move on next year

“I have talked with him, he is very calm. He will think after the World Cup, in January or February. Personally, I think he will continue. His level is better than last year, he had physical problems at the beginning. and then he He did very well. He’s at a very high level.”

Possible strike in LaLiga

“This is a subject I don’t know, I have something else to think about. I will give an answer, I have to study the subject and I will give you the answer”

They feel invincible

“No, in the history of football there are no invincibles. Any team will beat you, with more or less quality. In football there are many things that can determine the result. We are doing well and we want to continue”

Changes to the eleven against Sevilla

“Tomorrow Courtois will be back. Only Ceballos is absent, the others have already recovered. If I make some changes to avoid problems in the future. I will not change much”.

He was worried about the silence in the club

“I am not worried about the peace of mind that we have, difficult moments come and we have no doubt about it. I don’t know when, but the moment of difficulty will come and we have to be ready, just like last year. “

Marco Asensio

“He’s motivated, he wants to play, he plays a few minutes, but he delivers, he scores goals. He’s one of the players who can play without a problem from the start”.

The World Cup in the middle of the season, an enemy

“If the enemy is everyone. We all have to evaluate all that, you can’t know now. We will evaluate when the World Cup is over. It’s an individual issue for the players. Maybe some arrive very soon and don’t need so much rest I think that this part of the season helps, you will be able to see a World Cup with much more intensity, they will reach their peak. In the past they came very tired to play the World Cup. Now they will come with great power.”

Many footballers are playing the World Cup, which affects them

“It can affect the individual, I understand it perfectly. But our team is not based on that. The players will try to win the games, for sure”

Sergio Ramos

“It doesn’t surprise me, he’s still one of the strongest centre-backs in the world. Football has changed, you can play until you’re 40, Maldini won the Champions League with me at the age of 40. They take better care of themselves. , they can play longer”


“He’s showing a great level, I don’t want to up the ante because I’m seriously risking my card. I’ll stay at 10… We’re all very happy for Federico. He’s a good person”

Isco’s return to the Bernabéu

“I’m happy to see him play and see him tomorrow. I’m very fond of him and he’s been a great footballer at this club and a great person for me.”

What is left for the team to improve?

“Continuity is important in football, the team sacrifices itself in every game, it fights, and that is a challenge. You have to always pursue it. We are not always forced, sometimes we look at ourselves too much in the mirror.. . There are many things that can be done to improve on a collective level. On a personal level, it is difficult to improve these players. We have to thank the parents of these players, who gave us great quality footballers .”

Source: La Verdad


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