Oblak: “Very cruel, sorry to the fans”


Jan Oblak I’m talking to Movistar After the meeting, the Slovenian, frustrated and sad, showed his face.

the cruel end

“A very cruel way, this is football, what can I say, in the second half we did everything to win the game but the previous games punished us. We didn’t have that bit of luck that we needed, we drew very unlucky. I can’t say anything, I’m very disappointed.”

the entertainment

“We can only thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support you give us, that you support us after this draw that took us out of the Champions League. It’s incredible. It deserves more. I am very sorry. The team is very sorry that we cannot give that joy and that we will not continue in the Champions League this season”.


“Every defeat can be dangerous. We lost some balls where we shouldn’t have lost them. They punished us, they scored two goals and we did well in the second half, but at the time of meaning we didn’t have any luck and the ball has not entered. I’m disappointed. It’s the whole team’s fault, not individual mistakes. And it’s not this match’s fault, but the previous ones that we should have done much more. “

Last day in Porto

“Any game you want to win, we want to win the last Champions League, it’s a shame not to continue in the Champions League, we all want to continue, we have to win and continue because the season is long. , they take us out of a competition but there are others more ahead- To improve and win games, this alone is worth it”.

Source: La Verdad


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