rebuild from behind


The more than 80,000 culé who attended the Camp Nou they did not fail but two because Barça started the game eliminated and then they ate 0-3 Bayern. Another bucket of cold water after the team lost but faced the Allianz Arena, on the second day of the group. That day he fell but at least the consolation remained that clear chances were created and he dominated the Bayern many in the meeting. But there is no regularity here Barcelona. The Germans, nothing Müller neither Neuer in the eleventh, they led a team known from the start to be inferior and that was also ‘touched’ after proving its dismissal in the victory of Inter.

Again individual mistakes and obvious physical inferiority led to another defeat. The data doesn’t lie. Conceding 10 goals in 5 matches Champions condemning you The Barcelona must start boiling from behind to aim at the highest level and not lose to Europe’s greats. Regularly closing the goal, finding the goal with different registers, physical winning and knowing when to speed up and when to slow down the rhythm of the game are pending issues that in domestic competition can be assumed against in 90 percent of rivals but against powerful teams of Europe they describe you And the worst is that it happens more and more quickly. From 0-3 against him Bayernyes, we must save the performance of bucketa top part that is already a reality.

Source: La Verdad


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