Lazio beat Roma in derby with ‘earth, swallow me’ goal


Rome will be light blue for the next few days because the Latium won the capital derby thanks to a single goal from Philip Anderson in the first half of the rivalry (0-1). The one in Sarri in this meeting ‘touched’ after exiting the Europa League, but they know how to lick their wounds to overcome the Jose Mourinho.

It should be noted, however, that it is Rome the team that took the initiative in the game, although there was not enough clairvoyance to pierce the goal defended by Provencal. those of Mourinho they accumulated 60% of the possession, and although it was 0-0 in the light they were the first to step in search of the goal, but they failed to find it.

The only goal seen in an Olympic tree trunk is that of Philip Andersonwhich came in the 29th minute. Roger Ibanez There was trouble when the ball came out, Pedro was mischievous to apply pressure and force a mistake, and then the ball went to the aforementioned. Philip Andersonwhich has been overcome Rui Patricio.

Since then, with a disadvantage on the scoreboard, the Rome He tried to re-establish the equalizer on the scoreboard in every possible way, but he did not succeed. Minutes passed, and it wasn’t even forced Zaniolo nor did any of his teammates manage to remove 0 from the local scoreboard.

After this success the Latium of Sarri settled in the positions of the ‘Champions zone’, with 27 points and surpassed the Rome of Mourinhowhich is left of 25.

Source: La Verdad


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