Rins: “I want to take this Suzuki home”


Alex Rins (Suzuki), winner of the Valencian Community MotoGP Grand Prix, admitted that it was not an “easy” victory, knowing that he “cannot make mistakes”. And now he awaits the generosity of Suzuki, who gave him two wins in the last three races of the farewell campaign of the championship, a brand to which he has been loyal since his MotoGP debut in 2017, they will give it to his forever. “I guess this win will help them lower the price or give it to me, which would make me more than happy.”

“Leaving is a decision they made. They told us it was because they had future plans in the environment so it was 100 percent respectable, but yes, we showed that we can win with Suzuki and there is no other way but to accept it. .”

“The truth is that I lost positions at the start and in the first laps for many races, so my head was to make a good start, and that’s how it happened, I put myself ahead in the first corner and, from from there, the management was not easy, because Martín was at 0.3 at the start, at 0.5 and at 0.7, so he knew he couldn’t make a mistake. With a cool mind, we managed to achieve it”, explains Rins .

“It has not been an easy season because since they gave us the news that Suzuki was leaving the championship…, even before it started, we believe in the title and the Suzuki improved much, the engine this season has been incredible, so we had options,” he recalled.

“When Suzuki said that we have stopped racing, we were level on points with Quartararo after the Jerez race. It has not been easy to manage when you have something that escapes you, you have to work hard and be very focused. We have done it, but We are human and it was not easy.

“There were races where we were a bit disappointed because of it. Everything came together and it wasn’t easy to get out of there. In the end, we showed that we have a high level,” said the Suzuki rider.

“There were times when I crashed and lost points and other times it was Suzuki that caused me to lose points. Many times we didn’t have the best bike at many circuits but in six years we they don’t make a competitive bike for qualifying. it shows a lot of the current MotoGP. Two or three times it can be traced back, but everything has to square a lot”, acknowledged the winner of “Ricardo Tormo” of the Chest.

On his new “adventure” with Lucio Cecchinello’s team with Honda, he said: “It will be a completely different bike, I really want to ride the bike and until then they let me talk.”

On the titles of Bargaia and Fernández: “I am very happy for Pecco, because he worked hard. At one point in the season he was 91 points behind Fabio, so he fought for him. He won many races and became more stronger. than us. He deserves it. And on Augusto’s part, I’m very pleased and happy for him. I don’t know him very well and I don’t have much friendship with him, but when a title goes home , to Spain , always beautiful.

Source: La Verdad


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