“Cristiano now, if he was in Madrid, he would score 60 goals”


Fabio Coentrao has a good relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo and he defended his former Real Madrid teammate and the Portuguese team in an interview with Relevo. “What is happening is shameful. A guy who has been doing what he does all his life, I think everything that is happening with him is very ugly. Even if he is not performing at the level he has, it is very ugly. People He starts talking about him, that if he is wrong with his colleagues, and things like that are not understood. It is horrible because I know what he is. I have lived with him for many years and no one should tell me what he is like: I know it Coentrao said.

“He doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone, damn it, he’s a man who scored 700 goals during his career, he doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone!” added Coentrao, to talk about Cristiano and Real Madrid. “If Madrid, today, has Benzema to score 40 goals, damn, you know Cristiano now, if he is in Madrid, he will score 60 goals. You know it, I know it and I know it who knows. a little bit of football. Cristiano can score the goals he wants at Real Madrid. In Manchester, things are not good for him because the people there are bothering him,” said Coentrao.

The Portuguese winger compares Christian with Benzema to say “Ronaldo has done things well throughout his life: goals, assists… I don’t think Benzema can achieve what Cristiano has done for Real Madrid. And look, I love Karim , which is very good, but very, very good, but for me Cristiano is at a higher level. He will never be the same. He scored more goals than the games he played. It’s crazy,” said said Coentrao, who was clear that “many players spoke badly about Cristiano without reaching the sole of his shoe. Now at the World Cup he will silence many mouths”.

Source: La Verdad


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