Luis Enrique: “I will not tattoo my trunk”


Luis Enrique: “I will not tattoo my trunk”

The choice of red, Luis Enrique Martinezassured this Wednesday, in his tenth session of ‘streaming’ since the concentration of the Spanish team in Qatarthat “I will not tattoo the trunk (the World Cup). I have enough tattoos on my body and I don’t think I will get any more tattoos. The rice has overtaken me,” he confessed to his followers in a chat twitching that this time he was conditioned in terms of follow-up because of the argument at the same time as exciting Poland-Argentina.

Struggled began its ‘streaming’ in front of nearly 12,000 Internet users and ended it with over 33,000, a figure far from the close to 150,000 it gathered on its premiere day as a ‘streamer’ in twitching.

The coach of the Spanish team finished his talk in just over an hour as the second half of the Poland-Argentina game was about to begin. “I want to see the second part and go to bed as soon as possible to regain energy,” he commented. Luis Enrique to your followers before going offline.

The Asturian announced that all the football players of red they will not join it world. “Unfortunately, some players will not play for a minute, although everyone is fully prepared. It was a difficult situation to manage. I remember now as and I send you a big hug. I understand that he doesn’t want to see me even in the painting,” he joked.

Luis Enrique He again threw some taunts at the press. “The information they offer is obviously often mixed up,” he said. He also admitted that “I don’t go to press conferences if it’s not mandatory”, although he specified that “I like them and I feel comfortable” and he sealed it by saying “I only interact with a few people. (journalists) who I have known for years, but I have never used it for my personal benefit”.

One more, Struggled He was asked about other sports that he was not professionally engaged in. “Am I good at surfing? I’m a summer surfer, I’m looking for one-meter waves and I’m not here to brag about it.”

Another of his followers wanted to know which Red players would have the level for an ironman. “Marcos Llorente I would have broken the clock. Peter Y Gavi I am also very resistant and bucket He has an athletic look no doubt…”.

About how many languages ​​he speaks, the coach is sincere. “Well, I speak Spanish, broken English and I defend myself in Italian and Catalan. Hopefully in Spain we are all bilingual or trilingual.

Luis Enrique He admitted that “I thought of writing a book. I had offers from publishers. I could talk about my episodes as a player, as a coach and as an ultra-resistance athlete. It would still be encouraging I will someday if I have time”.

He assured that “the most playful, sensual and good coach of the people is javier clemente. I also have good memories Radomir Anticrest in peace. Charlie Rexach has a very futuristic vision of football and I really enjoyed it Ciriaco Cano in Sports. The kid always beat us with the ‘broom'”, he added between laughs.

Lucho once again clarified his obsession with taking care of his physical condition and showed his fans a patch on his left arm that “marked glucose. It’s been two weeks. This is how I see the sugar spikes I have. It’s very interesting to do endurance sports and I recommend it”.

Asked if he would have a former referee on the team’s staff, Luis Enrique it is emphatic. “I don’t think about it anymore. What else, tomorrow (before Japanese) I don’t even know who is calling us. The referee didn’t worry about me because I couldn’t control it. I always tell my players not to get upset with the referees. I have confidence in the arbitration body”, he said.

Finally, after being asked if the rivals are afraid of the Spanish team, Struggled He replied that “no one is afraid. We are a respected team and that is dictated by our ranking level FIFA“.

Source: La Verdad


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