Wu Lei and ‘Monito’ Vargas are establishing themselves in China


Matias ‘Monito’ Vargas and Wu Lei they abandoned the spanish last summer put the same towards Chinese football and they are not doing badly here. Both the one and the other went to shanghaiport, and with said team they have been shining their own light so far this season.

About wu lei, proves especially effective against rival goals. In 10 games played by the five-time top scorer in the Chinese Super League before going through the spanish He has nothing else and nothing less than 8 goals. He averaged almost a goal per game and should be remembered, if he was on shanghai port Since the start of the course in China, he has probably been at the top of the scoreboard.

About ‘Monito’ VargasThe Argentine is establishing himself as an excellent partner of wu lei. Most attacking football of shanghai port He went through his boots dishing out a total of 6 assists in 13 games.

It should be noted that both wu lei What matias vargas they completely separate themselves from spanish. They went through the blue and white team, leaving the impression that they did their best to succeed, but luck was a bit elusive.

Source: La Verdad


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