The data that puts the World Cup in history


The Qatar World Cup Starting this Saturday, it will enter its second stage, the direct knockout, at the start of the round of 16. Netherlands Y Holland They will fire at 16:00 and Argentina Y Australia They will settle their rivalry starting at 20:00. Spain, let’s remember, will face Morocco on Tuesday the 6th at 4:00 pm

16 teams have reached the second stage in the race to the title, half of those who started the tournament two weeks ago. And for the first time recently 28 years, none of them did it win all three games of the group stage.

The World Cup USA played on 1994 this was the last one where none of the eighth finalists managed to win all three of their group stage matches. Since then, in six tournaments were played so far, at least two teams have solved the first riddle with three wins in the bag. something that is in Qatar He has no combos.

In 1998 they succeeded France (future champion) and Argentina. In 2002, Spain Y Brazil, which will end with the title being lifted. In 2006, Germany, Portugal, Brazil and again Spain They reached the round of 16 with three wins, which was not enough to earn them a title taken by Italy. In 2010 they did the whole thing Argentina Y Netherlands, that will reach the final only to lose it to Spain. In 2014 they repeated Netherlands, Colombia, Belgium and Argentina, who reached the final only to lose to Germany. And in 2018 they did it Uruguay, Belgium and Croatia, the latter was defeated by France in the last.

In five of these six World Cups, one of the teams that reached the round of 16 with three wins in the bag at least reached the final: two (France in 1998 and Brazil in 2022) will lift the title and three (Netherlands in 2010, Argentina in 2014 and Croatia in 2018) was defeated.

And if we look back, on two other occasions since the introduction of the group stage system something similar has happened: it was in 1962 and in 1958. Which means that Qatar 2022 will go down in history as the fourth World Cup in which there was no absolute victory by any participant in the first stage.

In Qatar, sure, a team that doesn’t win all the matches in the group stage will win the World Cup. Because the 16 eighth finalists have given up even a tie in the first three games of the championship. Something that hasn’t happened in 28 years.

Source: La Verdad


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