Send eggs, Luis Padrique


­Luis Enrique He gave his footballers a summer assignment: take 1,000 penalties at the very least. This way they will come prepared to face a hypothetical shootout with a world soccer. A first simon The goalkeeper coach gave him a piece of paper to indicate how the Moroccans shoot from the top penalty. Luis Enrique chose the shooters when usually the players with the most confidence in themselves would take the penalties. I’m not asking. Sarabia has not missed a penalty in his entire career: 16 out of 16. But he has no role in this World Cup. He worked extra time because he was a specialist. Failure Sarabia little by little, on the stick.

He also did not have a leading role in the World Cup Carlos Soler, the second chosen for the most delicate moment of the championship. The goalkeeper stopped it. The third is launched by the footballer who has played everything since the World Cup started, the veteran, the one who has to take care of himself because the years have passed for everyone. The goalkeeper saved it. Luis Enrique He wanted to interfere even in the decision of who took the penalties to definitely release his footballers from the pressure. He wanted to convey his confidence to them but it had the complete opposite effect. During all world It restricts the decision-making power of its players.

With those devices he connects to his training bibs with him on the scaffolding, he marks what he wants from each player at all times. These footballers have class, they know how to improvise, but they have lost the ability to make decisions.

Luis Patrick He was more prominent in the national team than Luis Enrique. More has been said about the eggs the coach eats than the reasons why he didn’t play Ansu Fatieither cryingeither Sarabia. Much more was said about the bicycle and gijon what the national team lacks when a team wants Japanese This made the young footballers but there was great panic in the future.

Luis Padrique was an experiment that started well because it humanized the figure of a coach who had to protect his players. I thought that moving them out of focus would protect them, but the truth is that it prevents them from growing in the face of adversity.

1,000 penalty is not tested just like that. Yes, goalkeepers train, for example in Juventus They have a way to stop the punishments shown szczesny He works.

A Yassine Bounou ‘Bono’ taught him the Monkey Burgos. Arrived at Athletic the Moroccan goalkeeper after being discovered by a mattress scout at a tournament in Toulon. Back then his life was like a movie. His family immigrated to Canada where ‘Bono’ was born but at the age of eight they returned white housewhere he started playing soccer as a goalkeeper because he was tall so he was not given a choice.

El Mono Burgos adopted the Moroccan with a Canadian soul, who quickly learned the slang of Argentina, apparently from La Plata, who became a follower of river and even went to Club World Cup a Japanese. He ate alfajores, learned to prepare a wife, sang like the Argentines. The punishment that stopped him will not be forgotten Haaland in the tie against Borussia Dortmund after shouting “kiricocho!”, a term used in Argentina to jinx a rival player. The VAR decided that Bono didn’t have one foot on the line at pitch time and it was replayed. A Spain he survived two penalties. So it went down in history.

Source: La Verdad


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