Liam Gallagher apologized after threatening Savic


The meeting in between Atletico Madrid and the City of Manchester constantly raising blisters England. All this, despite the fact that English finally qualified for the semifinals of Champions League. This Friday Mirror echoed a tweet he deleted Liam Gallagherleader of the popular band Oasis, and a well -known follower of the band Pep Guardiola.

A publication on social networks where he even threatened to kill the defender of the rojiblanco team. “Stefan Savicit’s a threat if I face you, like a fool …, your MCFC is dead. ”

A few minutes later, he deleted the tweet and decided to back off with an apology: “I’m really disgusted and I’m disgusted with myself. I feel like, I’ve disappointed all my fans by my excessive behavior. I am a role model for the little ones. I hope you will forgive me “. Where he added “Love, love, love, peace, peace, peace, sorry, sorry, sorry, kiss, kiss, kiss.”

Another example of that campaign is Atletico Madrid sa England in the last weeks. The English press did not accept the final eliminations of Man Utd either Liverpool in 2020.

Source: La Verdad


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