Boufal: “We’ve beaten the biggest countries, it’s not by chance”


the moroccan Sofiane Boufal ensured that he was living “a dream that should never end” after qualifying for the semifinals of Qatar World Cup, while pointing out that it is necessary to stop saying “it’s a coincidence”.

“We faced the best countries in the world and we beat them. It’s not by chance,” said the Angers player after beating Portugal (1-0) and becoming the first African team in the best four at a World Cup .

Boufal pointed that out Morocco “He carried out his plan well” which consisted of “simply qualifying.”

“I hope this dream doesn’t end today,” the player said. “All this is madness, we are living in a dream and we don’t want to wake up. I have no words to describe what is happening to us, it is unbelievable,” he said.

“We deserve what is happening to us. But this has not finished. Just thinking about it makes me excited,” he said.

The player, born in Paris, wish the French team luck in their quarter-final match England: “I am giving them an appointment for the final”.

Source: La Verdad


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