Argentina World Cup champion in Qatar | The celebration of the Albiceleste and Leo Messi, live


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More than an hour’s drive

We are over 1 hour into the tour of the Argentine team from the headquarters of the
AFA on the streets of downtown
releasing, and they had only traveled a few kilometers. It’s very crowded and difficult to move forward, so the fun is expected to last until late…

The reactions of the last photo uploaded by Messi

This Tuesday,
Lionel Messi woke up in Argentina in the company of
World Cup. And so he showed it on social networks. He uploaded several photos to his Instagram account, immediately adding millions of “likes” and
Antonella Roccuzzo He responded with a message that was later repeated by several fans.

| Leo Messi published a photo in bed and with the World Cup: what was Antonela’s reaction

The street will not reach the Obelisk

Obelisk This is the usual meeting place in every sports festival for Argentina fans and it was filled with people since early morning but in the end the decision was made not to go there to avoid overflows and a traffic jam which is very difficult. escape.because they have not done the previous conditioning according to the celebration.

Messi and Of Paul, inseparable

We look at each other
Messi sitting in the last part of the convertible bus, being led all the time
Rodrigo DePaul. The midfielder of
athletic did not break away from ’10’, and is now on the other side of the best player in
Qatar World Cup We see

Imported automatically

The tragedy touched the entire celebration

Madness and euphoria don’t understand schedules. The
Argentina National Team He arrived in the South American country early in the morning and, as it happens, was welcomed by an impressive crowd. That enthusiasm among the players was overshadowed for a few seconds, thinking that in the course of
Ezeiza Airport to him
property of AFA there was a tense moment.

Celebrations Argentina champion: Messi and Di María dodged a high tension cable; Paredes held it with his hand

The street stopped for a moment

The convertible bus that would transport the players from Argentina stopped for a moment so that the forces of order could sort themselves out. There was a large deployment of police escorting the bus to prevent any untoward incident.

some are expected
5 million people all the way and about 2 million in

It became Argentina’s first metro street route. Great atmosphere!

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Argentina road route doubts

The latest information suggests that the caravan of the albiceleste group with
Messi in the head cannot be directed nor to
Obelisk nor to
Pink House.

They would stay close but out of her reach. So far there is no official.

Celebrating in style 36 years later

This has already been mentioned
Argentina I want to celebrate because there are thousands of people in the
Obeliskwhich is the final point of the journey, and there are still hours to get there.

Worth a world title they haven’t won since 86’…

Just posted it
Messi in this
instagram. Nice thank you message from the captain of the albiceleste team:


The picture with the most likes in history

The long-awaited picture of -almost- the entire planet. Lionel Messi with the World Cup in his hands, the one who has seemed so difficult for many years and reached the age of 35 and the end of his career. With its publication in
instagram for success in
Argentina national team changed social networks.

📰 | Leo Messi’s publication with the World Cup takes advantage of social networks and is on the verge of overcoming the impossible

The albiceleste celebration is underway!

The Argentine team set the course for
Obelisk and board the convertible bus that will take you to the center of the capital. We see that there are thousands and thousands of people and expect that the journey, which is about 40 km, can take between 7 and 8 hours.

There are many fans at various points on the highway and at
Obelisk to see their idols for a moment and at a distance. absolute madness!

National Holiday in Argentina

The fact that the
President of the government,
Alberto Fernandezdeclared the day
National holiday today, to celebrate the conquest of the albiceleste team, he helped the deployment of fans to encourage himself.

What can be lived tonight in
Buenos Aires it can be historic.

It was absolutely crazy to see their idols

The celebration of
Argentina It is expected to be in style and proof of this was experienced this morning. The team led by
Messi He arrived at the airport around 2:30 in the morning and it took him over an hour and a half to reach the headquarters of
AFAwhere they will rest, because hundreds of thousands of fans are waiting for them.

The Argentine team is already at home

This morning flight AR1915 landed from
Argentina at the airport
Ezeiza. It’s 2:23 in the morning on an Argentine Tuesday. The first to appear is
Lionel Messiwith the
World Cup, smiling. Join the others
scaloniand the president of
Claudio Tapia. Behind him descended the remaining culprits of the third star.

Messi, the World Cup and the National Team are already in Argentina

Celebrating in style

As of Monday afternoon, many have been waiting to be seen
Leo Messi and the other champions and from very early thousands of fans began to come to
Obeliskwhich is the center of the party, in what promises to be one of the most massive popular demonstrations in the country in recent years.

Imported automatically

Argentina World Cup champion in Qatar | The celebration of the Albiceleste and Leo Messi, live

Good afternoon friends and friends of
World of sports! Welcome to minute-by-minute coverage of everything happening at the festival of
Argentina through the streets of the capital.

And this is the
Argentina National Team is on
Buenos Aires to celebrate with you
Qatar World Cup 2022 which they longed for after 36 years of waiting.

Source: La Verdad


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