“Helping Leo become a champion was huge”


Julian Alvarez striker for Manchester City and the Argentina national team, reviewed in an interview with DAZN his experiences in Qatar World Cup, where he was declared champion alongside one of his childhood idols, Leo Messi.

“We grew up watching him play, that’s us. idol“, he explained in the aforementioned interview. “The change from looking at him, from encouraging the team, to being consistent representing the country to bring joy to all the people and to contribute to the team and help Leo achieve what he longs for most of all these people are a great pleasurea joy for me and a great pride”.

The young striker believes that he still hasn’t assimilated the magnitude on the triumph of the albiceleste in Qatar: “I know how difficult it is for us to come. But I think so in years I will give the value and credit for what it is to lift the World Cup, the ultimate dream of any player”.

In another section of the interview, Julián Álvarez refers to his teammate and teammate, the Norwegian Erling Haalandbreaking all goalscoring records in the Premier.

“This is amazing see him on the first day, when we were introduced. Later, see him in the field, with so many methodHe’s fast, he’s strong… He shows all the goals he’s scored, not just here at City but in all the clubs he’s played for before. It’s incredible,” he explained admiringly.

Source: La Verdad


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