Gragera was attracted by the Spanish


The Spaniard continues to ‘comb’ the market in the latter part of the winter window to try to tie down a defensive midfielder, the big priority of the sports management of perica after the signing of César Montes and Pierre-Gabriel.

José Gragera, a promising midfielder for Sporting de Gijón, is one of the candidates in the Spaniard’s orbit to strengthen the ‘touched’ spinal cord after the loss of Keidi Bare. The young man from Gijón, one of Mareo’s ‘pearls’, is very attracted by the possibility of signing for Espanyol, who will negotiate with the player’s agents.

Gragera, whose contract expires in 2024 but has not been renewed, has asked to leave and there will be open negotiations around him with the blue and white club, which is pushing to include him. His release clause is 10 million euros but he can be transferred for less, for close to three kilos.

Where is the problem now? Sporting is closing the band, for now, and doesn’t want to undersell (it sticks to the clause). That’s what appeared in the words of the president of Sporting, David Guerra, when asked today by the youth squad.

“There is no solid offer for José Gragera. The club asks for respect for what it has because the noise weakens the player”, said the leader this Wednesday, after confirming that Gragera “asked to leave. We will have of an agreement and there is no doubt that we will try when the footballer, as in the case José, asks us to leave. And in any case above the interests of the club or underselling footballers. We understand its value in the market and have we have the peace of mind of having a contract”.

In addition to Espanyol, there is another LaLiga club (Valencia has been discussed) and Sporting de Braga fighting for the Gijon club’s defensive midfielder.

From the player’s perspective they consider that the Spanish have options to end the cat in the water and capture Gragera, although there will be no immediate consequences as there is still a lot of fabric to cut and a lot to negotiate , because May weight suitors are Mareo’s ‘pearl’.

Source: La Verdad


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