Alhama visits Levante with sky-high morale


Randri relies on his team’s good run and the goalscorer Marina Martí to surprise the Valencians

An adult Alhama face this afternoon [16 horas] Levante, one of the star teams of First Women’s Soccer. The last confrontation between these two teams was in the Copa de La Reina, on January 12, and the Valencians won 5-3 after extra time. “Levante has the best players in the league, but we are going to try with enthusiasm, concentration and strength,” said Randri, the Alhameñas coach, who relies on his team’s good run to surprise Levante, and in particular in the speedy Marina Martí, with two goals in their last game against Betis.

The Buñol field is bigger than the José Kubala de Alhama stadium. According to Randri, it is an advantage for the Valencians. Levante, second in the league after Barcelona, ​​has not lost a game at home this season, only drawn against Real Madrid.

Source: La Verdad


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